Quality Assurance Policy

Our team at Leather Up Ltd takes a personal sense of pride in their work to bring you beautiful, high-quality products that will be treasured for many years. We are deeply committed to the excellence of our work and the quality of our service, and we go to great lengths to keep you a happy, satisfied Leather Up client.

We have set up a separate quality control department in our facility, manned by experienced quality controllers. By conducting stringent quality exams at all the stages. We manufacture products using high quality leather, threads and other materials that we procure from reliable vendors from the market. The quality check process begins from the collection of raw material and continues till the product is dispatched.

Our range is tested on the basis of the following parameters:

We strive to maintain the highest standardsby achieving quality objectives. The company believes in producing the best possible quality of international standards at a minimum cost, provide timely delivery to our client and continuously improve the management system.

Although there are many important elements of an effective quality control program, the following elements are key:

1) Staffing: Quality Control Manager/Supervisor, Inspectors.
2) In Process/Auditing corrective Action.
3) Final Auditing / Corrective Action.
4) Reporting

We believe that in-process auditing is more important; therefore we have developed specific plans for auditing during the manufacturing of leather products. Below are the following perimeters

1) Record keeping and distribution
2) Line of authority for taking corrective action & training of inspectors.
3) Explanation to production people of the purpose and need for in-process auditing.
4) Necessary tools and workstations.

Leather Up believes in effective in-process quality control program. It is effective to correct the problem at an operator level rather than after the products are completely assembled, pressed packed and prepared for shipping. An effective in-process quality control system also helps in delivering merchandise on time because the systems assure that the final audit allows timely delivery.

To see if in-process quality checks are effective, necessary final audits are conducted. For any final audit we believe that the following three elements are extremely important.

1. Verification:

We verify that the item manufactured is inline with the client’s requirement. This may be done by the following methods:

a). Comparing the stock produced with the confirmed sample (which is an approved sample purchased by the buyer)

b). Comparing the stock produced with clients manufacturing specifications.

2. Inspection of workmanship defects:

We thoroughly inspect a statistically determined the number of units from the manufactured products produced to evaluate the manufacturing quality of the stock.

3. Inspection from size problems:

We also measure a few of each size of the units inspected and review the data to determine if the sizes are in accordance with the buyer’s requirements.