Code Of Conduct

Code Of Ethics And Business Practices

1- Maintaining integrity and scrupulous dealings
2- Maintaining correct books and records of the Company
3- Avoiding conflicts of interest
4- Strictly follows the rules of leather techniques
5- Treating chemical as per specification and testing criteria.
6- This is prime priority of the company to formulate, implement and monitor the objectives and overall business plan.
7- Check and oversee the affairs of the company carried out within the existing laws/regulations and to re-arrange prudently.
8- Make sure legal and regulatory requirements of the statutory authorities.
9- Encourage and initiate motivation among members of the company.
10- Safeguard and protect the interest and asset of the company.
A detailed policy for actual and perceived conflict of interest and its resolution relating to the members of the Board of Directors and employees is in place.


An Internationally Recognized Manufacturer & Exporter, having Providing Quality Leather Products and maintaining an Excellent Level of Ethical and Professional Standards.

Mission Statement

The Company since inception has endeavored towards maximizing value addition and obtaining maximum value for each unit exported and to become a leading manufacturer/exporter of leather products in International market.